Altius Benefits



Subject Matter Expertise

  • 350+ employees
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME) in Engineering, Science, Health, Oil & Gas, Electronic & Semiconductors, Building & Construction, Retail etc.
  • Added scale provided by a pool of SME consultants and research scientists through academic alliances

Assisted Automation

  • Our mature, hybrid approach blending a judicious mix of sophisticated automation and expert human intelligence for powerful, qualitative output and rapid turnaround
  • "Smart" use of technology to support the development of relevant knowledge

Unique Quality and HR Processes

  • Our Unique HR processes ensure rapid recruitment and sustained retention of SMEs
  • Our quality systems and procedures help in achieving benchmark quality and global standards in service levels

Proactive Customer Engagement through Consultative Processes

  • Successful track record of developing deep and enduring relationships with customers over time
  • Customers trust Altius as a strategic partner in meeting their existing, planned business objectives
  • Proactive and innovative solutions to our customers for value enhancements to their product / service portfolio and better return on their investments

Best of Both Worlds

  • Altius offers the flexibility, attentiveness and responsiveness of a small supplier
  • Altius offers the experience and stability of a larger organization through a 13+ year history

How we manage projects

Altius has developed a unique project management philosophy, built on the principles of multiple layers of value enhancement, in-depth use of SMEs, assisted automation and technology driven agile processes.

How we achieve quality

Altius has an enviable track record of ensuring excellence in quality and customer engagement through a judicious blend of quality embedded in production process, an independent and scientific quality assurance system, and a customer friendly corporate governance model.